Air Purifying Paints

What are air purifying paints?

Air purifying paints are natural paints that are made from lime, or predominantly lime based. When the specialist breathable air purifying paints are curing, they absorb as much as 4.5kg of CO2 per 15L of paint due to the natural process of lime curing in the air.

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What are the benefits of lime based air purifying paints?

Lime paints are a mineral based paint with a chalky texture that are known for their environmentally friendly nature. The need of an air purifying paint was recognised as soon as the emission of hydrocarbons in the air kept increasing. With the advancement in the industrial sector and technology, better types of paints were introduced in the market. As time keeps passing, the increase in the types of paints has increased, harming the environment and selling cheap paints which have a high number of VOCs. 

Lime paints clean the air you breathe in and the secret behind its purifying nature is the natural lime and pigment used in the procedure. These air purifying paints have high pH which kills bacteria from the surface as well as other microorganisms.  

How are Air purifying paints made?

While once the main concern of customers was the color of paints, it is all about how safe a paint is. This is due to the increased awareness of the harmful chemicals released by paints causing mainly respiratory problems in humans especially babies who are more vulnerable. Air purifying paints keep in check our safety as well as that of the environment. Keeping the process natural throughout, wood burning kilns are used for the production of pure white and high quality lime paints. The raw materials used in the process are minimally processed in order to attain the highest quality. The purity gives the blinding pear like white colour to the lime paint. 

How do air purifying paints clean the air?

Air purifying paints remove toxic fumes from the air such as CO2 in order to improve the air quality that you breathe in. Alarming point is that VOCs and formaldehydes are present in daily life materials such as concrete as well as wooden furniture. This is why eco friendly paints which purify the air in a room are in the limelight now. Gasses released by these toxic materials lead to various health issues. Anti formaldehyde and activated carbon in these paints absorbs the toxic gases in the room and turns them into harmless vapours, thus, cleaning the air.  

How do air purifying paints have antibacterial properties?

These paints have the ability to kill bacteria which not only causes infections but produces odour as well. Removal of bacteria along with other microorganisms results in an odorless breathing space. The walls also remain protected from any moulds which might grow on the moist wall. Eye, skin and nose irritation is the most common reaction to the toxic fumes which does not happen at all when using air purifying paints. 

Air purifying paints keep you safe not from toxic fumes in solvent based paints but also from cigarette smoke and any other pungent smell. The purifying properties make sure that any unpleasant odour in the room is absorbed as soon as possible. Temperature changes can easily cause moulds to grow on walls but the waterproof feature of these paints keeps moisture away and kills any such moulds that grow. 


Certification of these air purifying paints:

These paints meet certain standards which is why they are given certificates which help the customers to recognise which brands to trust. However, there are companies which misuse this trust by fake certificates. Authentic certificates prove that the paints are eco friendly, fire proof and with zero VOCs in them. These harmless paints are available in several colours with no odour or any preservative. Multiple features are packed in one product, these paints are not only air purifying but also dry super quick so multiple coats can be done in a single day without wasting time in waiting for a day or two . 


Are air purifying paints long lasting?

Air purifying paints are also long lasting which makes them sustainable, harmless to the environment and last for decades. This is possible thanks to the graphene technology with a strong structural support at molecular level. It has the look of acrylic paints but finer and without any of the harmful fumes, VOCs and odor. The amount of CO2 it absorbs is impressive, noticeable right after it dries. You don’t have to buy air purifiers if you have this paint on the walls, it keeps you safe from toxic gasses and takes care of odour as well. In conclusion, it is necessary to individually check whether all these claims made by a company are authentic or not. Changing to a more eco friendly alternative such as air purifying paints will decrease pollution, increase longevity of paints on walls and also puts your health first. 


Indoor air quality & why it matters

The air quality inside a room gets affected by the toxic fumes released from oil based paints containing a high number of VOCs. Indoor air quality is important and people are more aware of the situation now than ever before. The reason behind is the advancements in research and healthcare which has made it clear that the petro chemicals inside paints are toxic for some of our internal organs. Production of these paints adversely affects the environment which makes homes and offices unsafe to breathe in. The air quality becomes heavily influenced by the toxic fumes and the VOCs, so much that a freshly painted room will have increased VOCs. 


Misleading in the paint industry & Greenwashing

Lead contents are being removed from paints because of their severe impacts on human health, this debate has been going on for a long time. Now, actions are being taken in the form of restrictions and setting standards which are to be met ensuring that the paints are safe to use. More and more data is being released stating the need to remove harmful heavy metal compounds from paints such as lead but as the discussion on environmentally friendly paints began some companies have labelled their products to be so without any certificate to prove it.

This has led to a mistrust among the public for some brands who falsely claimed to have safe and environmentally friendly paints. 


Certifications are important:

It is important to closely analyse all of the steps involved in the production of eco friendly paints which is how these companies earn the certificate. These certificates are proof that they did not add any such compound which could put your health on risk. Crucial to look at the source from which these products are obtained, resources such as electricity and water used in the process as well as reducing the carbon footprint. The breaking down part of these ingredients is equally important as they become a part of the environment as they break down. It affects the air quality in which you breathe, therefore, certifications are imperative. 


Certified and safe air purifying paints:

Alternatively, there are paints which are completely free of such harmful materials instead they clean the air by removing harmful sulphates and nitrates from the air. It eases the breathing process as the microorganisms are killed. These tiny microorganisms are present all around wherever you go. A unique feature of such paints is their ability to resist fire and are vegan which is also a big concern for a lot of people in the UK. All of these characteristics are combined to make sure that their quality is not compromised. 

Indoor air quality could be improved by these paints, this changes the way you see your house or office, making a future where paints are durable and harmless.

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