Natural Primers & Natural Undercoats

Natural Primer and Undercoat is now an important part of our range, with the right undercoat and primer you can get a much better finish to your walls and coverage, not only will the paint finish last much longer, but it will be more durable and protected. We thoroughly advise to get the right primer for your chosen interior paint, find the best natural undercoat to match. Our Graphenstone selection of organic and natural primer and undercoat contains products that are water, resin or lime based and soluble as well as solvent free. We have in stock all kinds of natural undercoat and eco friendly paint primer available to buy here today with fast delivery, with an option for every paint surface you may come across, if you are looking for something more specific please get in touch as we have more stock offline.


Grafclean Premium Interior:

Pre painted walls: L42 Primer (Or just thin Grafclean Premium with 10% water and use that)

Grafclean Premium Midshine Multi Surface:

Wood: Interior & Exterrior needs the Universal Primer Four2Four
Pre painted walls: L42 Primer (Or just thin Grafclean Premium with 10% water and use that)

GCS Interior Emulsion – Walls & Ceilings: L42 Primer
GCS Exterior Emulsion – All walls: L42 Primer

They form the perfect base for painting your home, business, furniture, fences, etc. with one of our many natural and organic paints. The primers can be transparent and suitable for a number of surfaces including wood, metal, plaster and silicate.

Our undercoats are white and are available in either water based or resin based. Organic and natural primer and undercoat products are just as environmentally friendly and health conscious as our natural paints.

To truly go green with your new paint job, you must use organic products from primer and undercoat to paint and wood stain. We offer the entire line so you can do your one stop shopping with us and complete your eco-friendly paint projects from start to finish

Buy Natural and Organic Primers and Undercoats from The Organic & Natural Paint Co.

Complement your natural paints with their high quality primers and undercoats. These products are also jam packed with nature’s resilient goodness, providing your home with strong, radiant surfaces. Once you’ve matched any of their primers and undercoats with their interior pants, you’ll be well on your way to giving your home a breathtaking shine! You’ll also be creating a healthy and happy environment, one you, your guests and your loved ones can enjoy.

Use any of these water based, solvent-free products for the inside of your home. Blanket your living room walls in any one of these glorious colours, then finish off the job with an undercoat! These primers and undercoats will make your surfaces more durable, radiant and strong. Help the insides of your home withstand heavy traffic by giving it a brand-new undercoat! Primers will help your surfaces to battle against rust, and are the perfect allies for highly absorbent surfaces. Undercoats finish off their job with a gentle white glow, not at all intrusive against your paint!

So you’re home is finally glowing with eco-friendly, beautiful magic. Need to dispose of your primers and undercoats? Have no fear; these products present no harm to the environment! They’re compost-friendly, meaning you can easily dispose of them without harming our wildlife friends!

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