MI Free Paint

Having a range of MI free paint is important to us.

Graphenstone Paints: None of the white paints or primers in the Graphestone range contain MI. The (trace) MI only appears in the pigments. Please see below for further details.

Auro Paints: The white paints below are MI Free:

We are updating this page to bring up up to speed, as the last time we had a statement about MI was in 2017 from Auro “Do Auro paints contain MI?

Official MI Statement from Graphenstone

24th March 2023 –

Source: MIT Statement PDF & Biocide update

“None of our white paints or primers contain MIT”

Bear in mind that pigments (in the coloured paints) can contain trace levels from manufacturing…

We have had people who are highly sensitive to MITs use some if the darkest colours – so with the highest concentrations of pigments – without any reaction. However, being cautious, it is best to advise if they want 100% MIT free, it needs to be white. They can then get a sample of the colours to test”

23rd December 2019

Products with biocidal preservatives

According to the Health Ministry, the classification approved for the MIT under the CLP regulation will be mandatory on May 1st 2020, through the publication of the European Regulation 2018/1480 (which also introduces changes in the classification for other substances). Thus, waterborne paints containing more than 15 ppm MIT will have to be marked with the pictogram with the key word “Caution” and the hazard statement H317 – “May cause allergic skin reaction”.

Graphenstone has chosen to raise the pH of our paints to a minimum of 10.5, so they will not need any In Can preservative and will be exempt from both the pictogram and the H317hazard statement.”

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