Natural Wood Finishes

Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Wood with Eco-Friendly Natural Finishes

Discover our curated selection of natural wood finishes, specifically designed to protect and preserve the natural beauty of wood while promoting a healthier indoor environment. These products are gentle on the environment and your health, as they are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Choosing eco-friendly wood finishes provides significant health benefits, including improved indoor air quality and reduced exposure to harmful chemicals. These natural alternatives are ideal for individuals with allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities, ensuring healthier living spaces for you and your family.

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Our range includes eco-friendly alternatives to conventional wood finishes, such as wood paints, varnishes, lacquers, stains, oils, and waxes. Browse our collection and find the perfect finish to showcase the beauty of your wood surfaces.

Choose from a wide variety of products, including interior and exterior wood stains, worktop oils, multi-surface paints, wood oils and waxes for floors, decking oils, floor varnishes, furniture oils, linseed oil varnishes, teak oils, and more. Each product is designed to provide long-lasting protection while enhancing the wood's natural charm.

Here are some key advantages of using eco-friendly wood finishes:

  1. Improved Air Quality: Traditional wood finishes often contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause poor indoor air quality. Our eco-friendly alternatives have low or no VOC content, ensuring a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.
  2. Healthier Living Spaces: By using natural wood finishes, you reduce the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory issues, skin irritation, and other health problems. This makes them an ideal choice for those with allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities.
  3. Environmentally Responsible: Our natural wood finishes are made from renewable resources, and they are biodegradable, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint. By choosing these products, you support sustainable practices and protect the planet for future generations.
  4. Enhanced Wood Preservation: Natural wood finishes penetrate deep into the wood, providing long-lasting protection from moisture, UV rays, and other elements, without compromising the wood's natural properties.
  5. Beautiful Results: The eco-friendly finishes in our collection enhance the natural beauty and character of the wood, allowing its unique grain and texture to shine through.

Upgrade to eco-friendly wood finishes and enjoy the benefits of healthier living spaces, improved air quality, and enhanced wood preservation while making a responsible choice for the environment. Browse our collection and find the perfect finish for your wood surfaces today.

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Choices

When it comes to wood finishes, choosing eco-friendly options is not only better for the environment but also for your health. A range of natural wood finishes is available, including natural wood paints, varnishes, lacquers, stains, oils, and waxes. Let's explore some of the best products that you can consider for your next project.

Auro 160 Natural Wood Stain – This solvent-free interior and exterior wood stain provides long-lasting protection while enhancing the wood's natural beauty. It's an excellent choice for those seeking an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wood stains.

Auro 108 Natural Worktop Oil – Specifically designed for kitchen worktops and furniture, this natural oil offers protection and a beautiful finish for wooden surfaces.

Graphenstone Grafclean Eggshell Natural Paint – This multi-surface paint is perfect for wood, walls, and other surfaces. It provides an eggshell finish and is an eco-friendly choice for both interior and exterior applications.

Auro 125 1 Coat Natural Wood Oil & Wax (2in1) For Wooden Floors – Save time and effort with this 2-in-1 product that offers both oil and wax protection for your wooden floors. This one-coat solution is a fantastic choice for maintaining your flooring.

Auro 110 Natural Decking Oil – Protect and enhance the appearance of your wooden decking with this breathable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic decking oil.

Auro 267 Natural Floor Varnish – Give your floors a silky finish with this eco-friendly and non-toxic varnish. It provides long-lasting protection for your flooring while ensuring a beautiful appearance.

Auro 115 Natural Water-Based Oil for Garden Furniture – Preserve the life of your outdoor furniture with this water-based, eco-friendly garden furniture oil.

Auro 143 Natural Linseed Oil Varnish – Experience the benefits of an eco-friendly, non-toxic varnish with this natural linseed oil product.

Auro 102 Natural Teak Oil – Protect your garden furniture with this eco-friendly and non-toxic teak oil, ensuring long-lasting durability and beauty.

Auro 123 Natural Wood Oil for Wooden Floors – This breathable hard oil provides protection and a beautiful finish for your wooden floors.

Auro 251 Natural Gloss Lacquer – Give your interior wood surfaces a clear, glossy finish with this natural wood varnish.

Auro 261 Natural Clear Matt Silk Lacquer Varnish – Achieve a matt silk finish with this clear lacquer, perfect for interior wood surfaces.

Auro 171 Hard Wax Wooden Floors Natural – Protect and enhance your wooden floors and furniture with this natural wood wax.

Auro 109 Natural Furniture & Floor Oil – One Coat – Save time with this one-coat, eco-friendly, and non-toxic wooden floor oil.

Auro 148 Swedish Red Falu Falun Red Exterior Wood Paint – Add a touch of Scandinavian charm to your exterior wood surfaces with this traditional Swedish red paint.

By opting for natural wood finishes, you are not only making a responsible choice for your home and the planet, but you are also benefiting from the unique properties and aesthetics these finishes offer. They enhance the natural beauty of the wood, provide long-lasting protection, and promote a healthier indoor environment free from harmful chemicals.

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