Natural Paint for Lounge & Dining Areas

If you’re looking for a top selling selection of natural and eco friendly paints that you can use in your lounge, living room or dining areas then look no further than here. We have many more types of paint in store, but we’ve made a super quick and simple list incase you’re confused or just don’t have the time to look around. We recommend Graphenstone!

Natural Paint for Lounge and Dining Areas

Painting the dining and lounge areas of your home can be pretty challenging, especially because these areas will also set the mood for the rest of the house as well. These are what the interior designer might call 'high-impact' areas because these are the main rooms for social activities, gatherings, dining, and many more household activities. Not to mention, they are also often the first room to greet you when you enter the house. While decorating separate lounge and dining areas can be tricky, it can be even more so to tackle adjoining lounge and dining areas. 

When it comes to decorating these areas, you don't just have to focus on furnishing and fabrics to uplift the mood of the room – instead, you could get creative with the things you have and explore your options with different paints, shades, and accents! Making a smart selection of paint can bring out the best of both your dining and lounge area.

Considerations to make BEFORE painting your living room

Naturally, with a project as serious and significant as this, you should take a couple of things into account before you actually begin in order to ensure the best possible results and minimal mistakes.

Decide on the Look You’re Aiming for in your lounge 

The first thing, of course, is to make up your mind. Before you can even think about exploring the market for your options in paint, you must have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with the paint – whether you want the room to have a modern-rustic mood, a light, and breezy ambiance, that elegant and chic design or a warm and cozy setting that feels like a hug on a cold winter night. It is entirely up to you, and we encourage you to get creative and search for inspiration from the internet, catalogues, nature, and even the furnishings you have on hand! After you set your mind on the desired outlook, you can start thinking about the colours you can accomplish it with.

Go for the Colour Wheel – choose the best range of colours for your sitting room. 

The colour wheel is almost indispensable when it comes to selecting a colour to paint with. With the help of your paint manufacturer, you can take your chance with the colour wheel to discover some interesting shades and colour schemes for your lounge and dining areas. It is always important to consider the lighting, the amount of sunlight entering the room, and the dimensions of the room before finalizing a colour. You can always play it safe by going with neutrals and the standard white and beige look, but multiple colours can be great for setting different moods (particularly for adjoining rooms) to suit the occasion. You can even experiment with different textures and tones to add that feeling of lightness, spaciousness, or depth to your lounge and dining areas – depending on what you prefer.

Think About Getting a Feature Wall in your living room?

Have you ever heard of a feature wall? If not, then you are definitely going to like the sound of it. A feature wall is used to add texture, colour, and a break from the monotony of plain walls in your rooms. The most affordable way to incorporate a great feature wall in your home is with the use of paint. Feature walls are all about enhancing the ambiance through colour, contrast, and unique styles and patterns. You can play it safe with the rest of the walls and get really bold and creative with your feature wall to give your room an aesthetic appeal that leaves a great visual impact. You don’t necessarily need to have a feature wall to create a beautiful room, but it can be a smart way to make a statement for your home. 

Don’t Ignore The living room ceiling

In the decorating process, a lot of people can tend to overlook the ceiling because their importance is not very well recognised. Ceilings have a huge impact in the overall look of the room, and hence should be given due importance to. If you have low ceilings, you can go with lighter shades to give that feeling of spaciousness; whereas, if you have a higher ceiling, you could explore darker shades to add depth and intensity. 

Go Natural

Last, but not the least, go for natural and eco-friendly paint and finishes. Because you're going to be spending quite some time in your lounge and dining areas (alone or with your guests), choosing natural paints can be important to ensure that nobody may suffer from allergic reactions, respiratory problems, or a general feeling of illness.

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